Bucket bag

Explore elegance with our high-quality custom bucket bag, crafted for space and style with a unique design and advanced dye-sublimation technology.
C4EB welcomes artists and designers to collaborate with us on custom creations to create something truly unique.

Customized bucket bag new product display

design and craftsmanship

custom bucket bag with top handle

Adjustable shoulder straps

Adjust the length of the straps as needed to suit different wearing needs and activity types

custom bucket bags for women with picture

Magnetic closure

Provides a certain degree of security and convenience

custom bucket bags for ladies with logo

Dye-sublimation process

high color saturation
clear pattern and not easy to fade

Customized bucket bag with pictures

Just send the pictures you need to customize to customer service

wholesale custom mini bucket bags in bulk

Accept LOW MOQ customization, please contact customer service for specific quantities


  • Q: What are the main characteristics of a bucket bag?
    A: Bucket bags typically have a cylindrical shape with a wider top and narrower bottom, featuring one or more drawstring or buckle closures designed to provide ample storage space and easy access.

  • Q: What elements of the bucket bag can be customized?
    A: Customers can often choose the color, material, and print patterns of the bag, and add personalized elements such as embroidery or metal accessories.

  • Q: What occasions are bucket bags suitable for?
    A: Due to their stylish yet practical design, bucket bags are great for everyday use, shopping trips, and both formal and casual occasions.

  • Q: What are the current trends in bucket bags?
    A: Trends include the use of eco-friendly materials, multifunctional designs, and eye-catching colors and patterns.

  • Q: What sizes do bucket bags typically come in?
    A: Bucket bags vary in size from small, suitable for carrying minimal daily items, to large, capable of accommodating a tablet and other essentials.

  • Q: How do I choose the right bucket bag?
    A: Consider your needs and the occasions for which the bag will be used. Choose a bag of an appropriate size and material, and ensure that the style and color match most of your wardrobe.