Why C4eb
C4eb is one of the fastest growing suppliers of promotional products in the United States. Our focus is to provide excellent customer service to the best performing distributors in North America. We deliver value by shortening the supply chain and focusing on high growth, high margin products in which we have a cost advantage over our competitors.

Our core values
Good planning can produce great results. Stop before you start. Therefore, our company advocates planned production. We have specified various plans to help us better serve customers. We will take the initiative to solve the challenges ahead. We are responsible for our failures and proud of our achievements. We are committed to creating a positive environment for the people around us. We use an ethical compass to guide us to make decisions that are fair to customers, suppliers and teammates. We act in good faith and choose the right solution rather than a simple solution. Morality is important.

Partners with us
C4eb cooperates with design studios, sports companies, swimming clubs, fitness companies, tourism companies, hotels and individuals around the world to help them establish their corporate brand image and provide high-quality and low-cost products with unique design all over the world,for example promotional items with logo. Now more and more companies or individuals find us for long-term cooperation. They have entrepreneurial ideas and customize textiles according to customization needs. For more information on how to work with us, please contact our development team.